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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bradley's First Hair Cut

He turned one, he started school... it was about time for my little guy to get his first hair cut.

So, we did what any responsible parent does... we took him to the Harmony Barber Shop for a trim! Of course, the Harmony Barber Shop is on Main Street. The Main Street of...

The Magic Kindgom!

Yep. We went back to Disney World.

My little Mickey was ready to walk down Main Street and meet his barber:
And she couldn't have been more wonderful with him!
Bradley was a dream.
Like he's been doing this all his life:
Of course we had some toys, just in case:
And daddy recorded the whole experience (including me crying through the whole thing):
When it was all done, Bradley was awarded with a special hat:
And I was awarded with a sweet smile:
So maybe every hair cut will be this easy... if every one of them is at the Harmony Barber Shop at Walt Disney World!

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  1. Katie, you always know how to "do it up right"! These photos are adorable. Did the barber actually find some hair on his head to cut?? Just kidding. Don't know how you're going to top this for Bradley's second hair cut!