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Monday, August 18, 2014

Bradley's Favorites: Fish

Bradley loves fish. He loves to point them out in books and pictures... his favorite snack is goldfish!

So we decided to take him on a trip to the pet store to get him his first pet.

Before we got to the fish, though, we toured the other animals.
Guinna Pigs...

Bradley enjoyed them all.


When we got to the fish section, he went crazy!
I couldn't get a good photo because he kept running to all the different tanks yelling, "fish! fish!"
And he loved the big goldfish tank:
So we got Bradley his first pet (actually, we got five of them) and I'm sad to say they are no longer with us. Neither are the other dozen or so replacements we've gotten. We're taking a break from Bradley as a pet owner, but he still loves to visit his fish at the store!

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