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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WDW with Cousin Lucy

In May, the Hills went back to Disney World!

For those keeping track, yes, Bradley went to Disney World three times before he turned two. He's a lucky kid!

This time, he brought his cousin, Lucy along with him!
That's them picking out wine for the week.

I'm learning that I might need to post two photos when there are two kids in the shot... so that each one gets a good one!
Yes... it's too much to ask them to both look at the camera and smile at the same time.

The first day we encountered some rain. Not to worry, Chris was Mr. Prepared!
(That was taken from shelter where the rest of us "unprepared" people waited out the storm.)

Rain, a cold bus and a skipped nap... Disney World can be hard on these kids!
The next day we braved the rain again and hit up the Magic Kingdom. Time for some classics!
Bradley on Dumbo. He loved it! Can't you tell??
Laura, Lucy and Justin... Lucy was much happier about the Dumbo experience.
Mesmerized by Mickey...
Mickey *talked* to us (really!) and Bradley wasn't too sure what to think about that!
Later we rode the train (if you believe the photos, this was Bradley's favorite!)...
The teacups...
(Where Justin and Chris got their own teacup... see the turquoise blur??)
And took a spin around Tomorrowland while the adults rode Space Mountain (I rode with the littles since Baby Hill #2 precluded me from being able to enjoy any of the thrill rides.)

And the kids? They did a lot of stroller riding, too!

One night, Laura and I wanted to watch the fireworks from the roof of our hotel (Bay Lake Towers), but the boys wanted to go get drinks at the Grand Floridian. This was way after the baby's bedtimes. What to do? Put the baby's down to sleep in the stroller and take them with us!
Two babies on a rooftop lounge at 10pm? Moms of the Year!! And, for the record, Bradley slept through all of it... Lucy stirred, but went back to sleep with little effort. Win!

We had a great time and can't wait to go back with even more of the family!!

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  1. Looks like a super fun time for kids and adults alike! But then I already know that. We LOVE DisneyWorld!