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Friday, September 19, 2014

4th of July Fun

I love our little neighborhood city for lots of different reasons... but 4th of July has got to be in the top five!

First on the day's agenda, a classic 4th of July parade!

Best we could get for the parade photo:
Walking to an outdoor parade at 6 months pregnant is not ideal, but we enjoyed meeting up with friends afterwards for coffee and doughnuts!

Later Bradley hosted some friends in the backyard:
Joey was kind enough to mow our patio:
While Charlie picked the grapes from our arbor so I could make grape jam:
And all of the boys enjoyed hunting for goldfish in our fountain:
A classic Houston downpour drove us inside where we tried to get a group photo. That wasn't very successful, but I did zoom in to get some of the kiddos smiling!
Happy Birthday America!

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