Tales from the Hill's Country

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Family Camp!

Each summer our church travels to the Texas Hill Country for a big family-camp retreat. I've been on this retreat as a teenager, but this was Bradley and Chris' first year. (And my first year to go with my own little family and not stay in the River Dorms!)

It. Was. Amazing. And will definitely be a part of our family tradition for years to come! Here are some photo highlights. 

My little astronaut after an early morning wake-up:
It's easy to pick out the Hill's shoes at the pool!
Bradley LOVED swimming in the pool multiple times a day!
Walking to the pool:
And ready to dive in again!
Loving it!
Later we walked (ok, I waddled) down to the river for some family canoeing.
Bradley loved it!
A classic watermelon shoot:
Worth the efforts:
And a family shot (my new favorite!) down by the riverside:
Before walking (and waddling) back up for bedtime:
It was truly a magical weekend... we can't wait for next year!!


  1. Great pics!!! Bradley is like a little fish, no wonder he loves goldfish.:)) It is good I think that you are making this an annual family traditional trip. I love the Hill Country myself.