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Monday, December 15, 2014

Brenham: two months

Brenham is two months old!
He's still a pretty serious fellow:
And he still wears a signature look of "a little concerned and uncomfortable":
And I still attribute that to the fact that Big Brother is always close by, ready to attack... hug him and show him his eyes.
In fact, he couldn't help but get into the action of Brenham's photo shoot... if only for a moment in the chair...
They say you shouldn't compare your kids... but I couldn't help it... are these two peas in a pod, or what??
Brenham seems to be growing much faster, though.

Even though he's not a big smiler (we can get a few grins out of him from time to time) he's a super low-maintenance baby-- eats, sleeps, coos...

Bradley loves when we let him "play" with Brenham and I've loved watching their sibling relationship begin! We love having Brenahm in our family!
Despite this photo, I'm sure he loves it too. Really.

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