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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christmas Morning

What a magical morning! This was the first Christmas where Bradley had any clue about Christmas morning and boy did we have fun!

I guess I should start with the night before when we let Bradley hold Brenham for some "matching Christmas PJ" photos. Bradley gets such a kick out of them matching and repeats, "Look! Bradley! Look! Brenham!" while pointing to the names on their shirts! He also LOVES to hold Brenham and asks often for the privilege.

And that pretty well sums out how it goes-- Bradley is elated... and Brenham in concerned and uncomfortable.
Bradley loves his brother! And loves giving him (unprompted) kisses:

So back to Christmas morning.

Bradley loved getting all of the gifts and passing them to the recipient:

Of course he also enjoyed opening his own presents:
And playing with them!

We do a lot of talking about Jesus' birth and the reason we celebrate Christmas. With that in mind we try to keep the gifts pretty minimal. But this little guy didn't seem to mind and he proclaimed over and over, "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!"
Merry Christmas indeed.

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