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Friday, February 13, 2015

Goodnight Moon, Continued

Continuing our week of "directed play" featuring the book, Goodnight Moon:

I made a wheel that shows various items that are circles. Bradley was able to pick out the items and place them on the wheel (I printed on sticky paper). He couldn't really turn the wheel very successfully, though, so all in all it was a lot of prep work for about 5 minutes of activity.
I printed off some coloring pages of the nursery rhyme that features "the cow jumped over the moon":
(We also read some nursery rhyme books as well as the creation story of God making the sun and the moon in our Jesus Story Book Bible.)

I cut out a bunch of "mittens" in three different colors and let Bradley play with them:
Then I helped him sort them into color groups:
Bradley really enjoyed using the dot stamper to fill in the "M is for Moon" page:
And matching the different sized circles:
On the last day I thought I'd see if he would be interested in tracing the shapes:
It held his attention for a short while, but he quickly wanted to trace his hand several times!
All in all it was a fun week! It didn't take a lot of prep and it made our afternoons much more smooth. I think our next book will be We're Going on a Bear Hunt or Jesse Bear, what will you wear? Post and ideas you have in the comments!

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