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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Early Mornings

Chris is an early riser by nature. Even on Saturday he's wide awake at 7am. I stumble and grumble out of bed much later.

Our work week routine starts a little earlier, but Chris is always up and gone before I'm fully out of bed. Once I pry myself from the pillow I usually take a shower, make the bed, eat breakfast, etc. Gordon likes to stay in bed until I pick him up and force him outside. There's some grumbling with that too. When I get out of the shower I usually see him nestled in the covers, one ear flips up to let me know he sees me, but he's snoozing. This makes me insanely jealous.

The other day things got mixed up and for some reason I made the bed (and forced Gordon out of it) before my shower. When I got out, I couldn't find him! Until I put on my glasses and looked a little closer:

Notice the one flipped up ear. Ah! What a life!

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  1. As Tom would say, "Poooooorrrr Gorrrrrrrrrdon!"