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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It's January 2nd... doesn't it feel like Christmas happened months ago? I feel like I need to rush to take down my Christmas lights!

Chris and I drove to Baton Rouge on Christmas morning (we opened gifts on Christmas Eve) and spent the evening having a wonderful Christmas dinner with the Hunsuckers. Ms. Julia is an amazing cook and decorator-- I love watching her in action (especially in their newly remodel kitchen)! Regretfully, I did not take any photos this year, but here's one from last year:
At each place setting is a Christmas Cracker (or popper) and inside are little trinkets and a paper crown! Always a hit!
(Also from last year)

The day after Christmas Liz M. hosted her second annual "Boxing Day" Party. And for the second year in a row, I wore my adult Christmas onesie. This is not supposed to be a costume party... but somehow it ended up that way last year:
This year I wasn't feeling well, but still wore the onesie! I didn't take any photos, though.

The next day I still wasn't feeling well and couldn't make it to the engagement party for the eldest Hunsucker son and his fiance. I did send our gift with Chris, though... personalized pyrex dishes! Apparently this was quite the hit and I was asked to come by and show the ladies how I created them once I was feeling better.

Thankfully, by Tuesday, I was feeling better. Because PD had gotten us tickets to see Jerry Jeff Walker at the Listening Room. This literally just a room with seating for about 150. Half of that seating is on sofas and lounge chairs. JJW brought his wife and his dog and for an hour and a half I sat motionless listening to his stories and music. It was absolutely amazing. I only snapped one pic and it was of Bear (the dog) and Jerry Jeff jamming out together.
It was magical. I was so thankful to my generous father-in-law,  PD for giving us that opportunity!

The next day was the Cricut party and I showed about 5 of the ladies from the engagement party some of my tricks and tips. They all agreed that I was on to something and suggested I try to share my talents with the world! So I've started a store, called "A Little Something Extra". You can find it at www.etsy.com/shop/katiekomo. As of this writing I haven't actually put up anything for sale... but that should change by the end of today! (Hopefully!)

I am often so humbled and grateful for my family (the Beards, the Hills AND the Couvillions!). Chris and I drove back on New Year's Eve morning, happy and full of new memories.

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