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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mimi's Meat Pies

The next time you're in Breckenridge, there is one stop you have to make. It's to see Ms. Kathy at Mimi's Meatpies!

Ms. Kathy is a Texan, who married a Louisianian (I knew I liked her!) and now lives in Colorado with her husband. She's also Liz's dad's cousin.
She is a wonderful person to chat with and makes the most amazing meat pies! Here are Laura, Liz and I enjoying the Louisiana meat pie (spicy, warm and delicious!)
A close up of the deliciousness:
Later I tried the mac&cheese meatpie. Ok, this is change-your-life amazing. I'll never be the same.
I also tried the PB&J pie and Banana's Foster Pie (not all at the same time!) which were both equally tasty. Next time I'll have to try the chili meatpie, chicken & broccoli meat pie... and whatever amazing concoctions Ms. Kathy dreams up in the meantime!

And, to put some icing on the cake of her restaurant, there's a little table for children to enjoy:

Mimi's Meatpies in Breckenridge... eat one and you won't be disappointed. I'm telling you change-your-life good!!

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