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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snowy Activities

Although we all primarily went to Breckenridge to ski, we did take advantage of some other snow-related activities.

Mike and Ms. Sharon's house is on the side of a hill. A snowy hill. So the boys created a luge:
The picture does not do justice to how dangerous that thing was!

Here's Justin with all of the tools needed to build and experience the luge:
Then there's the after ski drinks. I don't recommend drinking and skiing. But I do recommend skiing, then drinking!
(Another shot of me without Chris)
(And a shot of Liz without Danton!)

For your after-ski drink, however, I do NOT recommend the Jalapeno Margarita:
Don't be fooled by it's pretty color. The drink is awful! Not spicy, just disgusting.

But we didn't just drink cold drinks. We also had some of the world's best hot chocolate. Here's Barton, enjoying a glass:
Speaking of Barton, we had two of the most adorable children to hang out with after a day on the mountain!
Those of us non-parents had a grand time playing with the kiddos:
But man are they exhausting!
Justin played some game that involved snowballs and bowling:
And I rocked Laura's fabulous ski-cap when we explored downtown Breckenridge:
That is until I found my own fabulous hat!
I texted this photo to my friend Adam who used to live in Breckenridge and asked if I looked like a local. He responded that I look like a yokel! Looks like I'm ready for Crazy Hat Uno 2011!

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