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Friday, April 1, 2011

Last Breckenridge Post

My most loyal reader (hi mom!) sent me these photos today:
Recognize the cutie on the right?
It's me! This was taken when I was three (ish?) during my first ski vacation.

I've been told this was one of a small hand-full of smiles this trip. Apparently I did not find joy in skiing until later in life (though I still rocked the ski bib!). My parents tell me that after about an hour after dropping me off, they received a phone call from the instructor telling them to come get me. I guess I didn't love being dressed up in puffy clothes with sticks attached to my feet and I was not at all shy about telling (or yelling) this at the class. Yep, kicked out of ski school.

Years later I still don't love the puffy clothes...
But I lasted the whole week with no one calling my parents asking them take me home!

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  1. We took your brother out of ski school too, that trip. He was 8. Different reason, though. He caught on so fast, the school was cramping his style! Dad took him on the big slopes. But don't worry, you made up for that first time, THIS time!