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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

By the Numbers

Well, we're on the road again, headed back to Houston. I promise this will be my last post about Walt Disney World for a while! I still have some photos and tips from my solo visit, but I'll try to sprinkle them in throughout the next few months.

Leaving Fort Wilderness marked my 10th visit to Disney World with five of those visits occurring since 6/5/10. (One of those 'visits' was six months long-- when I worked as a lifeguard on the college program.)

This was my third visit to Fort Wilderness. The first, was with Laura in campsite 1510:

The next was by myself in campsite 1501:

And the finally, with my parents in campsite 1629:

In between those camping adventures, I celebrated with Lindsay at her bachelorette party:

And a personal accomplishment with Chris (my first half marathon!):

I downloaded an app before my last two trips, so I have some ride numbers from those.

On my solo trip I visited 126 attractions (that also includes rides on buses, boats or monorails).

My top three attractions were:
Toy Story Mania (9)
Disney Animation Academy (6)
Expedition Everest (4) & People Mover (4)

With my parents, we visited 86 attractions.

Our top attractions were:
Soarin' (3)
Star Tours (3)
Tower of Terror (3)
People Mover (3)
Toy Story Mania (3) (that includes the time we were evacuated from it)

I played tour guide to seven different friends/family in the past year (two of which had never been to Walt Disney World, three who hadn't been since they were quite young and all of which hadn't been in at least a decade).

During these trips I visited the four Disney theme parks and one Universal theme park. And purchased three different sets of mouse ears, three cups/glasses, a set of Mickey shaped ice cubes, one apron, one t-shirt, ten reusable straws and one souvenir popcorn bucket.

As the 'Year of Disney' concludes, I'm happy to have enjoyed countless fireworks, laughs and memories:

But I guess it's time to enjoy the real world... at least for now!

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  1. Thanks katie, we had a great time! You are the BEST guide for doing WDW. Thanks to Chris for holding down the home forts. Great memories, kiddo!!

  2. Yep, it's time to store those mouse ears for the time being!