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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day three-- Picture Perfect

This morning came early and there was a lot of groaning and complaining coming from our Motor Home (mostly from my dad). But soon enough we were on our way to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

We started off with the recently re-done Star Tours:

Each ride is different as there are 54 different versions! So after riding (and loving!) it the first time, we hoped on again for a different adventure!

(Did I mention the ride is in 3D?)

Afterwards I drug my parents to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

They did NOT want to get on this ride. But I wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer. Once they survived the first plummet, my dad said he wanted to ride again! So we did.

Later, we took a drawing class at the Animation Academy:

And drew Piglet!

It started to rain, so after a quick ride on Toy Story Mania and a bite to eat, we headed back to the Motor Home for a nap.

When we got back to the Studios we watched a great, live stunt show called Lights, Motors, Action! Then we saw the Muppets in 3D which is near my favorite fountain:

Then we rode Rock-n-Roller Coaster. Well my dad and I did. Try as I might, I could NOT get my mom to ride! And my dad complained the entire time we were in line. But once we got off? You guessed it! He wanted to ride again!

We headed to Toy Story again for our last ride of the day. We got on the ride and into the first scene when all of a sudden, the ride stopped and the lights turned on!

My mom and I used this opportunity to snap some on-ride photos:

After a while, we saw a cast member walking passed us... followed by some disgruntled guests:

We were being evacuated from the ride! Now, it's always been a strange dream of mine to be evacuated from a ride at Disney World. To be able to see all the behind the scenes operations! So I was excited (unlike the other guests, many of whom had waited in line for an hour!).

Once we were freed from our cart, we got to stand on the floor, by the track of the ride! Hooray!

Then we went through a secret door:

And into this super secret, backstage room:

Hm. Not quite my backstage dream. But we got Fast Passes for the next time we're there...

After the anti-climactic evacuation, we took some artsy photos around the area:

The ultimate tourist act: taking photo of my mom, taking a photo

That ended our day at Disney's Hollywood Studios

We headed back to the Motor Home. We've all had a quick dinner, some work on the iPad (including blog writing) and now everyone is ready for bed and another exciting day at Disney World!

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  1. How your parents were on Twilight was how I was, but my friend (like you) didn't take no for an answer and I loved it so much that I went again. I almost got adam too when he visited.... still working on that! ;)