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Monday, July 18, 2011

Ruth's Chris

Ruth's Chris Steak House has been a fixture in Chris' life since he was a little boy. He has memories of his parents getting the whole family dressed up for a night of fine dining. Can you imagine taking three small children into a nice steak house? Sounds nerve-racking! But Chris' parents did a wonderful job preparing their children for how to act in a restaurant and Chris remembers receiving many compliments from strangers who were impressed with their manners.

So it's little surprise that Justin and Johanna chose Ruth's Chris has the location for their 30th birthday family dinner.
And what a wonderful dinner it was! As PD says, we "dined". And it was nice. We told stories and enjoyed each bite and sip. We had so much fun that we were the very last group to leave the restaurant! So I didn't feel bad asking the waiter to use the flash when taking a group photo:
When we arrived at the restaurant, we sat at a table for six... Laura was still in Chicago and not due back until Wednesday. Or so Justin thought! In reality she had woken up at 4 in the morning and driven back that day to surprise him!
I love a good surprise!
(Sorry for the dark photos... I didn't want to disrupt the other diners with a flash!)

Too often we are all too busy to come together for a celebration-- I think that makes evenings like these all the more special!

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  1. That's SO sweet! Laura drove? she drove back? That's truuue love!