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Monday, December 19, 2011

Missing: one blogger

Last week I forgot that I have raving fans that wait eagerly for each installment of my blog. (And by "raving fans", I mean my mom.)

This week I plan to rectify that with some amazing posts about the Hill House: Christmas edition. So while I run around the house getting it blog-worthy, I'll leave you today with a photo of our earnest puppy:
This is Gordon, standing on the back of our sofa. The window faces the front yard and Gordon likes to post himself there for his guard-dog duties. And someday, when the bad guys storm the house, I have no doubt that they'll take one look at that face and take off running. Towards all of our valuables. (Which, by the way, are an autographed pair of Yao Ming's shoes and a fancy new vacuum cleaner that should sell on the street for about $10.)

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  1. Now that's not true. Several other fans of yours often mention your postings to me. You all need to leave a comment now and then so Katie doesn't think I'm the "Lone Reader." And Gordon, keep up the good work!