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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Puppy Love

Gordon turned 6 on January 6th. He's a small dog-- weighing it at around 8 pounds-- but he sure is full of character!

Because he's so small, I often forget how little he was when I first met him!
I had chosen him from a photo and when I sat down to greet all of the siblings, he ran straight towards me and into my lap!

I love my dog just the way he is, but sometimes I wish I could go back to those days when he was tiny!
Then again, there is certain behavior I'm glad he's grown out of:
Oh, who am I kidding? He still loves to tear up kleenax, tissue paper or paper towels!

Another thing that hasn't changed? His disdain for bath time:
But if you looked this pitiful when wet, you'd probably hate bath time too!
Ack! Looking at these photos makes me want to get another puppy! 
I'd better stop now before I get into trouble!

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  1. Ahhhh....... puppies! So cute for so little time. Gordon is still cute, but alas, he IS a dog now.

    1. Soooo much character for a little guy! Absolutely adorable at any age :)

  2. SO FREAKING CUTE! He reminds me of Rocky (my little pup)... I also miss his puppy cuteness, but definitely do not miss his puppy behavior :)

  3. Agree with my sis- he is SO cute!! I want to steal him!!