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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WBW: Corn Stalks

For today's Way Back When-sday, I bring you a true tale of child gardening. 

Chris does not believe this story... but I promise you this really happened! 

When I was around seven (mom, want to confirm that?) my friend, Ashley and I ate some popcorn in my backyard.

Important to know: My mom had a popcorn popping machine, so we always bought fresh kernels and popped the corn ourselves. (Well, my mom did it while I watched.)

Ashley and I enjoyed our popcorn and as usual, we found some un-popped kernels at the bottom of our bowl. So, we threw them into the ground by the fence. We didn't pat them down or bury them... just casually threw them.

A month later... this happened:
See that behind me? It's a corn stalk!

Without any care from us, this stalk grew from the un-popped kernel! It grew and matured so much that we were able to pick an ear of corn from it!

I've tried to recreate this form of gardening many times since, but it's never been repeated. Something magical happened that year in that yard with those kernels...

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  1. Yep, it happened just that way! Maybe it was the nutrients from "the rock." Yes, you were about seven, and so blond!

  2. I'm impressed!! My mom threw a rotting pumpkin in their garden once upon a time and it started to grow as well! Unfortunately, it never "sprouted" any pumpkins, but it still made a pretty cool vine!