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Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby Face(s)

First, a little housekeeping:

Baby Hill's arrival is getting to that 2-3 week mark and I've gone crazy with needless projects found many things around the house that just HAVE to get done before he arrives. Important things like reorganizing the freezer (again), using my monogram machine to put his name/initials on every piece of fabric I can get my hands on and putting a sheet in our Home Organization Binder (that's another story) that tells the babysitter how to work our TV. You know... perfectly sane things that HAVE to get done immediatly.

Because of this perfectly sane and necessary "to do" list, I'm cutting down my blogging from five days a week (for the most part) to three-- Monday, Way Back Whens-day and Friday. So mom, when I don't blog on a Tuesday, you don't have to assume I've gone into labor and forgot to call you.

From what I hear a newborn takes the sanity sleep from new moms, so blogs might be a little sparse after his arrival. But after I get through the legendary six week "just survive" time period, I hope to get back to my daily check-ins.

With all this confusion, you're probably happy for the break from my silly stories worried you'll miss a blog post! So make sure you either "follow" me (click on the orange button at the upper left-hand corner that says "subscribe in reader") or  follow by email (put your email in the white box on the left-hand column-- next to where it says "follow by email"). That way you'll get alerts when I am able to get something new up.

In the meantime, let's look at some adorable photos I took last week while we were in Baton Rouge:

Happy Maria:
Really happy Lucy:
Soulful Gordon:
And "don't you mess with  my family" Tootie:
I could look at these faces all day! Which one is your favorite?

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  1. I couldn't choose! They're all classic photos! You just can't go wrong with babies and pets as your subject.