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Friday, August 10, 2012

Work Weekend Part Two

On Monday I chronicled a "work weekend" where Justin, Laura and Lucy traveled to see us and help get things in order for Baby Hill. Just a few weekends later, Johanna, Jeremy and Maria came in town to help finish things up! I feel like a broken record, but we are thankful for our wonderful family!!

Unfortunately, I took very few photos of all the hard-work. But here are the shots I do have.

Chris, staining our dresser/changing table:
(Not pictured, Jeremy sanding it down-- a huge task!)

The Couvillion family (and Gordon) taking a break after a long day of work:
(Not pictured, all of the hard-work! Like Jojo helping me on a marathon Target trip and sewing pillows with me. Or Jeremy building a side-table for the nursery.)

Jeremy helped to stock our freezer with three delicious Louisiana dishes:
We love spending time with these three and were so thankful for their help to put all the finishing touches on our Baby Hill preparations.

All that's left? Baby Hill! Any day now...


  1. And everything looks great! and ready. Baby Hill will love his new home!I too am thankful for your loving Louisiana family. Thanks to you all.

  2. Katie and Chris...We think of you everyday and are anxious to hear when Baby Hill is in your arms! We are planning a trip down sometime in the fall (maybe Thanksgiving) to see all of you. Good luck! Give that baby a hug and kiss for us! Love Uncle Dewey and Deb