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Monday, May 9, 2011

Office Organization-- Filing Cabinet

I've decided it's time to completely organize and decorate my home office/craft room. Although it's been cleaned before, I feel like every few months it starts to look like a room from the TV show Hoarders. I blame this on my lack of organizational tools in the office. Things like shelves, baskets and... a filing cabinet. With so many ideas and goals for my etsy shop, I knew I needed to buckle down and get serious with that space.

So I decided to start with a filing cabinet. But I couldn't find any that didn't feel flimsy (and they were all around $200). My mom suggested buying a used one and $40 later, I brought this monstrosity home:
It was from the US Agricultural Department, exceptionally heavy and well made, but clearly it needed work:
So I enlisted the help of my dad:
Who then put me to work:
And my mom helped too:
And after a lot of sanding, we discovered that the handles were made out of brass!
My dad got busy spray painting...
And that's how I got this new piece of furniture in my office!
And I'm on my way to a clutter free room!


  1. See if this site helps you to rotate the photos.

    If not, I'll just take landscape-oriented photos, but that's kinda hard to do for a filing cabinet! Great job - love the brass hardware!

  2. That is how we do it in this family - pssht heck yes that is awesome!

  3. It turned out to be a diamond in the rough! Perfection is taking something that others would pass by and with a little elbow grease (sometimes more and some spray paint)turn it into a treasure. You gotta love it!